Top activities during Grey Cup week in Regina

The 109th Grey Cup will be a busy day in the Queen City on Sunday.

When they aren’t watching the Grey Cup, fans may go on excursions, get drunk, and eat.

Travel experts a few favorites of his own. They recently surveyed their responders to see what sort of music they want to hear from them.

Top activities during Grey Cup week in Regina


Wascana Park has the Legislative Building and the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, as well as a lake and a jogging path.


Craft breweries in Regina are accessible for individual investigation.

A brewery crawl would be a fantastic idea because there are at least five or six breweries in the region, and Regina is home to some of the world’s greatest craft beer.

Here are some of the top bars to visit in your HOP Circuit activity:

Bushwakker Brewpub, 2206 Dewdney Ave.

District Brewing Company, 1555 8th Ave.

Malty National Brewing Corp., 1130 15th Ave.


Customers have been able to purchase paninis and other Italian dishes at the Italian Star Deli since 1966.

“This is a city landmark.

Carlo Giambattista became the only heir of Frank and Gina’s convenience shop after their deaths.

A Panini from Italian Star Deli includes two types of meat.


Even though Regina has lots of eateries, experts most people would prefer go to a pub before a game.

Experts stated that the region would be ideal for sporting activities. If you’re searching for a downtown sports pub, both Vic’s Tavern and Leo’s are excellent choices.


Regina pizza is famed for its thick crust and copious toppings.

Hill Avenue Houston Pizza was voted the best by those who took part in a survey as travelers. Juliana’s performance impressed people.

Juliana’s Pizza serves great pizza to Regina people.

Experts agree that the Copper Kettle serves authentic pizza in the Regina style, but they are divided on whether or not the spinach-feta pizza at the restaurant deserves to be classified as Regina-style pizza.

Hamption’s Hub, which can be found at 1221 15th Avenue, is another restaurant that vegetarians are encouraged to try.

At this vegan restaurant, everything is cooked in an oven that is fueled by wood, and the bar serves up tasty beverages in addition to vegan-friendly beers. The following is what he said in response: “This coffee shop’s regulars are among the best in town.”


The Riders have never suffered from a decline in public popularity in Saskatchewan, despite the fact that they have never won the Grey Cup.

Although Hiltz has seen ardent cricket supporters in Australia and professional hockey fans in Switzerland who were unable to sit together, an expert has discovered that Rider fans are divided.

And then the expert said, “People who are really committed and support The Rider with a lot of enthusiasm.”

This province is filled to the brim with wondrous things and people who are truly wonderful, and it is well known for the variety of people who call it home as well as the variety of foods that can be found there.

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