Tiger-Cats vs Blue Bombers: Grey Cup 2021 Odds, Picks, and Predictions

No game is worth your time unless it has two strong teams. Tiger-Cats vs. Blue Bombers’ upcoming game is likely to elevate your love for sports. According to fans, the grey cup 2021 matchup is the best matchup that the league might get. Do you know why? Because it has the best team players taking up the hottest squad.

Tiger-Cats vs Blue Bombers

These two teams’ tiger-cats and blue bombers are ready to face each other again. Lucky the Bombers take the favorites. What to know how it’ll play out this time? Don’t be found off guard. Time to look at this awaited rematch’s picks and predictions: the 108th Grey Cup.


Tiger-Cats vs. Blue Bombers Odds

The season has been incredible for Blue Bombers. Winnipeg draws close to the championship with 11-3. These might be the best results achieved in the CFL, but this does not mean they’d have it easy through the journey to another performance.

Bombers nearly missed a tough match on Sunday with Saskatchewan Roughriders. Credit goes to Sean McGuire, who rushed a score in the fourth quarter, giving the lead with 12-17. At last, they won a ticket back to Grey Cup.

On the other hand, Tiger-Cats didn’t have an incredible season like their to-be opponent Blue Bombers. Tiger-Cats closed the season with 8-6, taking the second position in the East. Having lost thrice to Toronto Argonauts consecutively, they finally claimed a win on Sunday at a match against Boatmen in the East Division Final with 27-19. Tiger-Cats may have a slight chance of winning the game but may leverage home-field at Tim Horton’s field. So, it’s likely that events may take a different twist during the week.

What To Know

Covid pandemic led to the cancellation of the Grey Cup in 2020. With things normalizing, contestants have played Grey cup 2021 full season. The two teams Tiger-Cats and Blue Bombers, await to contest the CFL’s grand prize. The question is, who takes the lead? According to the Grey Cup odds, Blue Bombers rank as the favored contestant. This 108th coming game will be held at Tim Hortons on 12th December 2021.

The CFL Grey Cup Odds Update

Winnipeg Blue Bombers the favored sets at -220 while the opponent Hamilton Tiger-Cats takes +180. If you check the betting calculator, it’s clear that Blue Bombers -220 signifies a probable win of 68.75%.

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Who Is The Likely Winner Of Grey Cup 2021?

Want to bet but unsure on how to go about it? Learn helpful hints on the CFL how to bet guide, then get started. You can also check sports reviews to have an idea of where to place your bet.

Reasons Why Blue Bombers Are Favored On The Grey Cup 2021 Odds

  • Looking closely at their performance so far, they’ve proved to be the best contestant this season and stand a better chance to achieve a repeat win after Montreal’s victory in 2019 and 2010
  • Blue Bombers claim their win by inching Saskatchewan 21-17 during the West final, a record that gave them credit towards Grey Cup. Besides, they have 361points, the highest recorded in the CFL.
  • In a regular season, Blue Bombers recorded 11-3, making this the best preseason, with a 7-0 mark at home and 8-1 score against West Division lineups.

The CFL Futures

Maximizing picks and predictions to wager on CFL future odds may win you a great price against any team in CFL. Like other seasons, there is a lot of uncertainty on who will take the win between Tiger-Cats and Blue Bombers.

Odds-makers prepare CFL futures annually and continue to update the data throughout the regular seasons. These updates are based on the specific team performance. These futures serve as long-term bets on your choice of winning team. These CFL futures wagers can be rewarding. Make early predictions and try your luck.

An Eye-Opener

If the anticipated CFL future odds for the Tiger-Cats are sets at +285, what does it mean?

Are you familiar with betting? This indicates that if you place $100bet, you stand a chance of gaining $285. Future odds are a liquid market, which is prone to change at any time, following a variation on the news, suspensions, injuries, etc. Expect different results for the significant CFL events. Use an effective odds converter tool when defining these odds and wagering on future anticipations.

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