CFL players who can’t travel with teams to division finals

It has been confirmed that the CFL players who are not able to travel with their teams to the Division Finals or Grey Cup games will not be able to participate in the 2021 Grey Cup. That includes the teams that belong to the East and West divisions. If they don’t make it to the finals, they won’t be able to get on the track.

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On Tuesday, the CFL made a decision. Whoever can’t travel with their teams to the relevant games will not have the chance to make up for the missed games.

On the other hand, the federal government has appealed to the vaccination mandate for air and rail travel starting on November 30th. For whatever reason, some people might not be able to make it. They won’t be able to attend the event then. The

The CFL Division Finals will take place on December 5th. Meanwhile, the Grey Cup takes place a week later on December 12th. Those two games are the only sports games that are under the new government policy.

There have been discussions revolving around the ways in which the officials will handle travellers who haven’t gotten the vaccines.

The situations for the teams in different divisions can be different. East teams can easily travel to any location in their division area by bus.It does indeed give a huge advantage to the Eastern teams. In a nutshell, there will be less to zero risk of missing players who are participating in the East Division Final match.

Meanwhile, concerns are rising in the West Division. Either the team will fly to the game or leave some players behind. Or they will travel by bus and get everybody on board at all cost.

For the West teams, making it to the Grey Cup can also be challenging. It is 1,968 km from Winnipeg to Hamilton. Winnipeg is going to be the place for the West Division Final.

The COVID-19 restrictions for travelers could have a huge impact on the CFL division finals.

CFL players, on the other hand, can travel by fling to road games at the end of November with the passing of Covid-19 negative tests.

Players who don’t have vaccines won’t run into restrictions until the East and West finals, as well as the Grey Cup event.

The Canadian federal government has announced plans to require vaccination for travelers who use common transportation such as airplanes, trains, and ships. But those who fly after October 30th will be able to travel by airplane only with a negative test until the end of November. So, they can skip the vaccinations to travel to other cities.

The transition period will end on November 30. These are valid for travelers who are in the process of vaccination. Those who can show a negative result from the Covid-19 tests are allowed to travel within 72 hours. The league and players’ union then fail to emphasize the importance of receiving the vaccine in order to participate in games and other team activities.

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