What Officials Expected for the Next Grey Cup and the most favorable team this year

Some of us probably still remember that the Canadian Football League does not mostly get started until the Labour Day. But we can agree on one thing: it is worth to wait and see.

Grey Cup

The back-to-back provincial rivalries will happen this weekend in Alberta, Ontario. And with the upcoming spectacles awaited by the big fans of the sport, the date of November 25 seems to be a long waiting in the future. The Grey Cup officials and organizers are optimistic that they can attain the significant number of audiences. The upcoming Grey Cup 2018 will happen at Commonwealth Stadium, and they have done their homework to make the stadium more prepared. It is more than ready even before the season kicked off.

Randy Ambrosie, the CFL commissioner, stated that it kind of cycles. Many people went through the significant Grey Cup phase spending a lot of time with Edmonton. And now, folks focus on Calgary, the 2019 host. The officials have made many changes in term of the Grey Cup. There’s a lot more collaboration between the league’s office. They’ve installed the consultant namely Duane Vienneau, who is also working on the Edmonton Grey Cup Committee.

Vienneau was in Hamilton last week to discuss the bid for 2020 with the three teams in line. For those who haven’t known yet, Vienneau is the executive director of the Grey Cup as well as the person in charge in Edmonton during 2010 event. The league won’t spoil the hat on which three cities join with the hype.

Perhaps you feel this too. It is in the middle of September month, and many people have turned their attention to Edmonton. If you are like many other people who have the same interests, you will probably look forward to that. We can’t deny that Ottawa has set a high bar and we can agree that Edmonton and Calgary, as well as the three cities that are bidding, indicates that the event is going bigger and bigger from time to time. Officials admitted that there are a lot of significant ways to develop the Grey Cup to be better in the next year, and in the following years.

The officials claimed that they wanted to give the fans the premium experience in watching the sport. What one of the questions need to answer is “how the officials get the audience’s closer to the game?”

If you are an ample sports fan, you will probably have the same question. The diehard fans deserve something spectacular that they can witness closely. Many little things overlooked by the average event organizers. And these details are some things that the Grey Cup officials want to work with. They strive for the more successful event and the great legacy of the Grey Cup.

The collaborative approach to 2020 will be available if the 2018 Grey Cup is successful. That is the term that the organizers need to follow to get such perspective results in the future.

Ottawa is working for the upcoming Grey Cup. The officials are sitting at the table and talking about the Grey Cup intensely.

How about the most favorable team?

Many people and experts agree on the favorable team Calgary Stampeders. Well, it is a sensible approach since Calgary Stampeders have reserved themselves as the best team in the CFL in the 2016 and 2017. The team ranked the first and finished at first in the West. They only lost six games over the two years. From wherever we look at the club, they have made quite an attainment over these two years. So, it is only natural that we nominate them as the favorable one.

Calgary is standing although they lost once again. If they get two wins more, they will receive fantastic feedback from the CFL fans as the best team in the league once again. The team still has the key player like Bo Levi Mitchell as the top performer. They are still the dominant team in the CLF.

But it is still too early to get the definite answer. We will have to wait until the season finalized on November 4 later.

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